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a Special Boat for Special People

38 ft narrow boat equipped for day trips for up to 10 people   
• Special needs training boat
• Special Schools Education boat
• Family and group day boat

 Boat uses

Special needs training boat

On the canal things happen at a gentle pace which can be handled by those whose motor skills or reaction times might be challenged. We can offer training from a fun day experience through Sailability awards to the possibility of formal RYA Crew or Helmsmans certificates. We believe that many children and adults with special needs can achieve these real skills.

Special Schools Education boat

The layout of Litania allows it to be used as a safe warm base for towpath activities and as a small classroom for children with additional needs. Over time we hope that a range of activities and courses could be developed in conjunction with local schools and institutions.

Family and group day boat

Many families have members or close friends who through disability, age illness or frailty do not have many opportunities to enjoy a memorable day together. Others may be trying to rebuild family life after trauma or bereavement. Litania offers the possibility of a day out that all abilities can enjoy together.

Narrow Boat Litania will be found here

Based in:
The Somerset Coal Canal

Click on the map to open location on Google maps.

From the Car Park follow the red dotted path along the canal until you come across Litania.

Contact us:

T: 07867 386900




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